Project Teams

A typical project team of MARS Technologies consists of a Project Manager, Business Analyst(s), Solutions Architect(s), Tech-leads and several software developers and QA engineers.

A Project Manager (PM) has over extensive industry experience, work experience outside India expertise in the technologies, and experience in managing similar projects. PM also has the people management responsibility. PM's tasks include preparing the project plans, schedules and following the appropriate project execution methodologies.

A Solution Architect is usually a hands-on technologist with over 8 years experience. He/she has intimate knowledge of the various market leading technologies and understands the issues in integrating them. Solution Architect is experienced in architecting mission critical eBusiness and Wireless Solutions that are highly scalable and continuously available.

Technical Leads usually have 5 + years experience. They provide technical leadership to a group of individual developers and are responsible for diagnosis and solving of day-to-day technical issues.

Developers are trained in the practice areas and are responsible for completing the assigned modules as per the schedules.

Programmer Analyst - usually have 6 + years experience- Designs and suggests innovative changes in application systems. Perform various tasks associated with application programming. Develop efficiency in the design and maintenance of data base resources besides managing various tasks related to data base management. Perform full range of works related to application analysis, design, and programming functions. Work towards understanding and modifying operating interrelationships between business applications and operating systems. Develop reports for suggesting designs for meeting network system requirements and selecting alternative measures to develop better security technologies. Develop, understand, improve operational and installation procedures for a wide range of requirements like communication systems, hardware, network, security and software storage. The job responsibilities of programmer analysts are not restricted to just few of those as mentioned here, instead depending on the software firm requirements and technicality of a project, there can be various other sets of duties too.

QA engineers - A team of experienced QA professionals to handle the Quality Assurance activities with experience in manual testing as well as various testing tools and bug tracking systems like mercury test suites.

System/Network administrator -essentially MCSE with expertise in internet/ intranet setups, data security, administration of VLANS, wireless LANs, remote network management, Network intrusion detection techniques

The team also includes Information Architects, User Interface Designers as needed basis.