MARS a burgeoning software development center and has state-of-the-art development infrastructure.

Office Infrastructure
  • Fully equipped development cubicles, networked Intel Pentium IV based Workstations.
  • Uninterrupted Power supply, UPS provides backup power for a full day and a genset for contingency requirements.
  • The facility includes a library equipped with latest books and journals, to keep our developers abreast on new technology development.
  • VOIP communication facility.
Hardware infrastructure
  • 24 hour Internet access through a wireless broadband connectivity.
  • Backup Internet access through ISDN for fail-over.
  • Dedicated Firewall machine running secure OS with full security provisions.
  • VPN Server and client access.
  • Test lab that contains various configurations for testing, from high-end machines to low-end P-I machines.
  • Strong backup process through a dedicated machine that stores backups for several months, both on-site and off-site, we also take backups on servers in US.
Software infrastructure
  • Online project management tools.
  • Complete MSDN tools for Windows development available.
  • Visual Source-safe for source code control for Windows projects.
  • Bugzilla setup for source code control and bug-tracking.