OpenSource .Net Content Management System (CMS)

End-to-End Web Development thats Fast, Efficient and Flexible

MARS has developed web-based content management solution that provides website & Intranet development with management tools for individuals with minimum programming experience. MARS uses an Open Source Platform on Microsoft .Net technology to deploy an enterprise CMS with pre-programmed feature rich templates and functional modules, such as Frequently Asked Questions and Newsletters, allow website owners with minimum programming experience to rapidly development and update dynamic sites.

This Open Source .Net Architecture provides an access to the Application Programming Interface (API) using which we can create and import custom designed pages, templates and sophisticated modules to build an enterprise level CMS.

The Microsoft .Net Open Source Platform allows the rapid development and management of complex Internet and Intranet sites without the knowledge of programming or HTML coding.

Modules and features like calendars, schedulers, directories, libraries and over 50 other existing modules can be incorporated into your CMS site. CMS and Portals that currently take months to develop can be built in just a few days.


Using only a standard web browser, MARS opensource .Net CMS solutions gives users the ability to manage a site from anywhere in the world.. No other software is required.

Using this Open Source .Net CMS, users can design individual Internet or Intranet pages to be password protected. Pages that a particular user does not have access to will be invisible to that user, so they are not even aware that the page exists. Complicated yet logical site navigation and linking tasks that previously took programmers days to accomplish can now be completed in a few seconds.

Open Source .Net Content Management System, used by MARS to develop .Net CMS offers seven primary administrative site management modules, each providing effective control over important aspects of your website development and content maintenance:
  • Architecture Module
  • Content Module
  • Appearance Module
  • Scripts Module
  • Graphics Module
  • Workflow Module
  • Administrator Module