Process Framework

Our project management methodology adopts a client-centric approach to the entire engagement. These include workflow and project flow determination and technical review process. We do regular project reporting and monitoring and set up an efficient feedback mechanism for project progress to the client.

We employ web based project management tools (as described in the MARS project manager/CODESCAN) for smooth delivery of projects. The real time nature of these tools keeps all team members and the client informed on issues and problems. (Using auto notification, threaded discussion forums)

Our project engagement processes are customized to address specific project requirements.

Process documentation tools
  • Web enabled process documentation
  • Supports multiple life-cycle model requirements
  • Client participation
Management visibility tools
  • Project kick-off reviews
  • Project status reviews
  • Post-mortem reviews
  • Monthly management reviews
  • Clearly defined responsibilities and authorities
Customer visibility tools
  • Customer extranets and login for project visibility
  • Secure relationship interface for information needs
  • Project dashboard for up-to-date information (part of the codescan)
  • Built-in workflow and collaborative features (well presented in the codescan
MARS Hardware/software set up, back up and redundancy
  • Servers to be identified as critical and non-critical servers
  • Critical servers to be configured for redundancy for power supply, disk mirroring etc
  • Redundancy to avoid/reduce impact of server failure
Data/Software integrity
  • Project Data: Adequate backups maintained to recover loss of data
  • Each project module to have daily incremental backups of work-in-progress
  • Weekly backup of database
Communication Link
  • Equipment (router, connection hub) checked and rectified for problems
Fully configured backup routers (CISCO)