Product Development

MARS understands how important it is for a technology-centered company to innovate faster than its competition. MARS, like you, is cognizant of the fact that software product development is not the same as IT project development. MARS's product development services deliver complete product lifecycle solutions as an extension of the client's engineering team. Together, MARS and its clients nurture efficient and effective product lifecycle management processes that enable software companies to focus on their core competencies-defining innovative product capabilities and features to gain competitive advantage-while MARS manages their non-core, yet strategic, product design and development efforts.

MARS's Product Development service offering encompasses design and development of a complete software product and its components, including:

  • Engineering core product development
  • Development of functional modules that support the core business engine, such as licensing, identity management, reports generation etc.
  • Development of tools, adapters, and technology plug-ins that add value to the core product either functionally or by enabling integration with other enterprise applications
  • Migration services, such as manual migration and tools-based migration
  • Re-engineering efforts for functional or architecture enhancements
MARS helps its clients achieve the following benefits:

  • Reduce development cycles enabling faster time-to-market
  • Improve software development efficiency through platform reuse
  • Increased software quality through process rigor, best-in- class QA processes, and reuse of pre-tested, pre- assembled, custom assets
  • Access high-end, low-turnover architectural, design, and testing skills from Russia
  • Lower software development and maintenance costs
  • Concentrate internal resources on core activities, and maximize value of the overall product
By partnering with MARS, our ISV clients have been able to bring software products to market months ahead of their competitors, gain up to 10x development effectiveness, productivity, and software quality, and reduce their cost of development.