Management & Applications Research Systems, Inc. (MARS) is a global software development and information technology company providing solutions to enterprise. MARS is currently administering multipule innovative projects involving software development with cutting edge technologies such as SharePoint 2013/2010/2007/2003, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013/2011/4, .Net, C# and Java to name a few for various entities.

Development Manager – Mr. Reggie Aftab, is a project management professional with many years of experience in information technology. He has proven ability and experience with Full System Development Life Cycle (SDLC); RUP phases; CMMI Key process areas; PMBOK4th Edition Knowledge Areas and Scrum; creation ; managing of effective tools in .NET Technology to ensure adherence to Project Management methodologies. Mr. Aftab is a PMI and Scrum Alliance certified professional. He is currently working in the GIMS project and DMSS project as the Development Manager and controls all the timelines and schedules of the project. He assigns work to the individual team members and He also communicates with clients and submits status reports.

Development Technical Lead – Mr. Chaokai Yang – is a software engineer with over 20 years of experience in software designing and development. Mr. Yang leads the project’s technical team and architects the application and supervises the team and also supports the team’s technical needs, resolves the technical issues and supports deployment.

Developers – Mr. Prasad Vemunuri are Lavend James are two developers in the GIMS and DMSS project, works on each and every requirement, coding, design and performs the system integration matters and provides all technical design documents.

Test Lead – Anita Oblego and Joni Jones design all the testing requirements and controls the test scripts. They also communicate testing issues and report to the development team and the user team. They also maintain version control.

Program Analysts – Deepa Nomannagari, Srikanth Sadula (to be joined)

Program analysts design and suggest innovative changes in application systems. They will perform various tasks associated applications programs and will develop efficiency in the design and the maintenance of the database of resources besides managing various tasks related to the data base management.

They are expected to perform full range of works related to applications analysis, design and programming functions. They will also work towards understanding, modifying and operating inter-relationships between business applications and operating systems.

They also develop reports for suggesting designs for meeting network systems requirements and selecting alternative measures to develop better security cutting edge technologies. They will develop, understand and improve operational and installation procedures for a wide of requirements like, communication systems, hardware, network, security and software storage.

The job responsibilities of the program analysts are not limited to the above listed duties, but would also include other sets of duties based on the countries and user community requirements and on the technicality of the project.