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Over the past few years of software development almost all software developers were trying to establish their own new trends of software designing. This non-standardized methods of software coding resulted into tons of incompatible software solutions used by customers all over the world. Lot of efforts were applied in order to define common standards, but all of them eventually failed.

Nowadays, when the Internet epoch is highly evolved, W3C took a role of standards propagation. Amazingly, all major software developers agreed with new Web Services technology, proposed by W3C committee.

Microsoft Corporation appeared a pioneer in Web Services technology when it released its Microsoft .Net architecture. This solution is a brilliant combination of traditional MS technologies and modern Web Services paradigm. Although it is relatively new, Microsoft .Net architecture is reliable, scalable and trustworthy. It represents a big step towards software interoperability, which makes true software integration finally possible..

Net is a new technological philosophy, the essence of which includes simplicity of project development, its guaranteed safe functionality and easy integration of any software into the Internet. Microsoft .Net serves a basis for brand new programming languages that has already been worked out - ASP.Net (VB.Net), C# (C Sharp), J# (Java Sharp), etc.

Microsoft .Net architecture spans from MS Enterprise Servers to Smart Mobile Devices, and Web Services technology, powered by SOAP, WSDL and UDDI standards by W3C, acts as glue between them. Although Microsoft .Net platform is target for a wide range of operating environments, it fits Internet the best.
MARS Technologies proudly presents the following Microsoft .Net development services:
  • Information and B2B portals;
  • Content Management and Decision Support systems;
  • ECommerce and eBusiness solutions;
  • Custom solutions development.

As a part of our new solution pack, we offer custom integration services, assisting in :

  • optimize IT costs;
  • make up information flow within your organization;
  • Interoperate with your partner and customer software solutions.
With new Microsoft .Net technology we do not abandon traditional desktop and client-server development services, which became richer in user interface and business logic.

What does Microsoft .Net Development mean for Business?

With Microsoft .Net development and software, businesses can realize improvements in the time and cost associated with developing and maintaining their business applications, as well as benefiting from empowering employees with the ability to act on vital information anywhere, from any smart device.

Moreover, taking the modular aspects of modern software applications and allowing them to communicate through standard Internet protocols (XML and SOAP), XML Web services offer a direct means by which business processes can interact. Applications hosted internally, as well as on remote systems, can be stitched together, allowing businesses to program the Web-quickly and economically creating specialized solutions that meet unique business needs.

Creating XML Web services and exposing them on the Internet also provides another key advantage:

It greatly expands the number of customers and business partners that can come in contact with a business's services. A large automobile manufacturer could expose an XML Web service of its delivery schedules for new vehicles. In this manner, their supply chains, dealerships as well as others can consume the information, building other systems around it.

Direct benefits of using .Net technology are as follows:

The programming process is simplified to the maximum, hence, allowing speeding up project development significantly. Besides, object-oriented programming is widely applied within the limit of Microsoft .Net. It represents a hybrid of Visual Basic (characterized with development speed and low complexity, but from time to time resulting in slow functioning) and Visual C++ (presupposing power, flexibility and fast speed of functioning, but often at the expense of sophisticated development demanding considerable period of time).

Active use of XML markup as a superstructure to HTTP (traffic level). XML is more tuned to program-to-program types of connection (i.e. client -server, server-server, client - client), but not to server-to-user types.

The Components of Microsoft .Net -Connected Software embrace: Smart Clients, XML Web Services, Servers and Developer Tools. Click here to know more about Microsoft .Net components and their benefits.

Microsoft .Net Development technologies provide you with the most advantageous business opportunities on the web! MARS has a significant experience in the sphere of developing Microsoft .Net based projects and websites, thus providing our customers with high quality and revolutionary web business solutions.